Keep ‘Em Safe!

Energy Erectors, along with the other companies in the MasTec Transmission & Substation Group, promotes a safety-first culture where all – from executives to crew members – are laser-beam focused on excelling with the day’s work and returning safely to their family.


By striving for excellence in safety, Energy Erectors drives excellence in construction and how our team relates to each other and our clients.

“Safety is a cultural journey, not a program; Safety done right inspires employees to account for themselves and others.”


Darren Webb, senior vice president of Energy Erectors

The Energy Erectors team embraces the mission: Build the best substations in the world.

Our team strives to give its best and be the best, every day. That translates into aiming for zero injuries, embracing and promoting a drug- and alcohol-free workplace and supporting one another to mitigate on-the-job hazards.


From daily job briefings to companywide resources that meet OSHA standards, Energy Erectors delivers the tools, equipment and materials for a safe worksite. For example, our crews and project managers routinely share lessons learned and know-how to smartly and safely reach a client’s goals on time, on budget.



“Every Energy Erectors employee has the authority and obligation to call a timeout if they ever have a concern about the safety of an activity.”


Paul Yeckley, safety director for Energy Erectors

Our 5-point Safety Vision:

Value the health and safety of people above all else.

Drive excellence in safety to drive excellence across the business.

Embrace safety and health among employees to positively impact all operations.

Make safety integral to everything that’s done.

Support safety through actions, policies, resources and decisions.

“Safety is my passion. Early in my career, I was a lineman: Once a lineman, always a lineman. Unfortunately, I saw peers get injured, unnecessarily, and decided I don’t want to visit folks after a serious event; I want to be part of the solution and prevent these events. Safety is preventing incidents, being proactive and getting everyone home to their families.”


Paul Mackintire, vice president of Occupational Safety and Health for MasTec TSG