Employee Spotlight

Nathalie Spaulding

Energy Erectors’ Journeyman Nathalie Spaulding completes a wiring project from a personnel lift at a substation under construction.

‘I enjoy the people I work with a lot . . . they’re more than willing to help’


Journeyman Nathalie Spaulding has been with Energy Erectors for two years, and in that time, she’s attained skills in a number of areas of substation construction. Spaulding is an asset to the Energy Erectors team, helping build substations from the ground up.


“The typical day at a job site would include conduit installation, wire pulling, terminations in AC and DC panels, transformers, breakers, things like that,” says Spaulding.


Spaulding also crafts the structures that house a substation’s electrical components.


“We also do fabrication, as far as mounting panels and different boxes in the outside structures and control houses,” says Spaulding.


For Spaulding, working for Energy Erectors came as a natural progression from her previous work in the oil and gas industry. She enjoyed the work she was doing, and the stability it provided.


“I come from a heavy industry background, refineries, oil fields, things like that,” adds Spaulding.


As she had been working in the Southwestern U.S., hiring on with Energy Erectors’ Western Division office was also geographically well-situated for her. But while geography may have drawn her to the job, her fellow workers have made it easy to stick around.


Now based in North Carolina and working out of Energy Erectors’ Eastern Division, Spaulding says, “As far as my work for Energy Erectors, it’s very steady; I like the procedures, the sites we’re on, everything we do, really.


“I enjoy the people I work with a lot, especially my superintendents and foremen, because they’re more than willing to give you information that you need or help you out,” says Spaulding. “There’s a family feel here.”


According to Spaulding, Energy Erectors has been very willing to provide the knowledge and training for her to do the best job possible. She also enjoys the prospect of advancing her career at Energy Erectors.